[CQ-Contest] WSJT-X and Contesting

Stanley Zawrotny k4sbz.stan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 13:16:32 EST 2018

I hear so many complaints about FT8 being automated. How about this scenario in another mode?
- I see a post on a DXcluster
- When I click on it, the callsign is automatically entered into my software.
- Using rig control, my radio is automatically tuned to the station.
- I press a key (or click on a macro) and my callsign is sent.
- I press another key and my response is sent.
- the contact is automatically entered into my log.

I operated a complete 24-hour contest once without ever touching the tuning knob or any other radio controls. Rig control and the cluster even the handled band changes. The  entire contest only required a repeated series of four clicks or key presses. Automatic! Very assisted.

BTW, RTTY doesn’t have to involve seeing only one station as you tune. I have a SDR rig and can see the entire RTTY band all at once and can tune to a station with one mouse click. Should I be operating assisted? I don’t. I operate run or S&P unassisted.

And I suppose the gentleman who said that someone should holler “stop” thought that same thing when SSB came out replacing AM.

This is 2018, almost 2019, folks. It’s called “growth.” Get on board or be left behind.

Stan, K4SBZ

"Real radio bounces off the sky."

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