[CQ-Contest] At least four more years of solar minimum?

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat Dec 8 17:50:45 EST 2018

YES. VE0JS (check out her qrz.com page) is currently about 1,000 miles 
WNW of Cape Horn making her fourth attempt to sail around the world 
solo, non-stop. She was successful the third time, finishing three years 
ago. Jeanne's running a 100W marine radio (SSB) with no signal 
processing. She maintains regular schedules with stateside stations four 
times a day, two on 40, one each on 20 and 17. I've worked her several 
times from near San Francisco, and W6OAT, now around Seattle, has worked 
her several times. She's usually pretty rough copy for me -- the guys in 
Florida are about 1,000 miles closer than me, and usually copy her better.

On her previous trip, we regularly worked her in the morning on 40M from 
the South Indian Ocean with good copy.

73, Jim K9YC

  On 12/8/2018 9:04 AM, Sean Waite wrote:
> The bands are also not as dead as everyone believes. Sure, conditions
> aren't great but anytime people believe those online propagation report
> pictures and then don't get on the air, there is one less station to talk
> to.

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