[CQ-Contest] At least four more years of solar minimum?

Vytenis Sciucka vytenis.sciucka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 04:54:52 EST 2018

Interesting. But NOAA is not the only who make predictions.
Two old players cycle predictions are Leif Svalgaard and David Hathaway.
Here is what Hathaway says:
*We predict that SC25 will be about slightly smaller (∼95%) the strength of
SC24, making it the weakest solar cycle in the last hundred years. We also
predict that,like SC24, SC25 will be preceded by a long extended solar
minimum. *
Full article is not available publicly, but abstract can be found here:
Leif Svalgaard (University of Stanford) predicts:

*SC25 will be somewhere between SC24 and SC20, provided the Polar Field
Precursor Relationship holds* (SSN24: 116; SSN20: 152)

Paper is available at https://www.leif.org/research/Prediction-of-SC25.pdf
Prediction is on the last page of paper.
Last prediction that I'm aware of comes from India. I have not heard these
names before: Dibyendu Nandi andPrantika Bhowmik. Their prediction is
located http://www.cessi.in/solarcycle25prediction/,and says cycle should
start in late 2019 and should be highr that cycle 24.
Lets wait and see.

Vytenis LY5T

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