[CQ-Contest] Writelog and Contest Super Simulator

pa1t at xs4all.nl pa1t at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 16 06:22:17 EST 2018

Hi all,


For training my cw wand so2r skills I downloaded Writelog's contest software
and the Writelog Contest Super Simulator. The demo version is 12.35c.


I have tried it on different computers.

I get it working so far that the simulator send cw (calls). I can tune the
band with my so2r station. (is not necessary but nice). BUT when I react to
a calling station nil happens. No Audio from f1 f2 etc. When I configure it
for my HF station and send cw on the band the radio transmits. So the F keys
are ok.

When I push F1 (cq) on the simulator nil happens. No one is coming back to
the call. Also no audio.

I tried it on two shack pc's and a laptop.


Anyone who has it running with the latest demo version?

What am I doing wrong? I have tried several audio settings. NO Luck.

I have read the manuals 10 times hi....


73 Timon PA1T

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