[CQ-Contest] MMTTY Engine Display

Bud Governale w3llbud at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 13:55:43 EST 2018

Old WIN7 computer died.

I'm installing N1MM+ from scratch onto a new WIN10 computer.

My issue lies with the MMTTY engine display for both VFOA and VFOB.

1. The engine display in stand alone MMTTY shows both the waterfall and
signal running the full width from left to right and the display having the
familiar depression in the middle between the two vertical bars..

2. The MMTTY engine display in N1MM+ is different. It reserves the right
side of the display for the XY scope. If I check XY scope in View it places
the XY signal in this reserved right portion of the engine display.
3.If I uncheck XY scope the XY signal disappears but the waterfall and
signal display do not expand to the full width of the MMTTY engine display.

4. Additionally the signal display has a small arrow pointing down where
the normal depression would be. I also don't want to see this.

I've read and tried everything but cannot get back to a full width display
with no depression arrow and no space taken up for the reserved XY portion
of the display.

Any help would be appreciated.


Bud W3LL
w3ll at arrl.net

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