[CQ-Contest] My FT8 totals: Not what I thought it would be.

John Bastin jbastin1 at me.com
Fri Dec 21 14:48:12 EST 2018

On 20Dec 2018, at 21:08, DXer <hfdxmonitor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Here is the scenario:
> 1) FT8 user since day 1;
> 2) No FT8 robots ever used;
> 3) Maximum power used is 75 Watts, on 80M only;
> 4) Antenna is a Hustler 6BTV at ground level, no radials;
> 5) Time spent on the radio is only what a normal, responsible family man, following a healthy/balanced lifestyle would spend.
> Total entities confirmed: 68...yes, sixty eight. I thought I had a lot more.
> I'm sure a number of entities would not have been worked/confirmed using other modes. This is still far from the end of the hobby as we know it, or the banalization of DXCC.
> It does not appear, based on this sample of only one user, that FT8 is responsible for any undue advantage in favor of the little pistol, to the detriment of the more accomplished DXer/Contester.
> It would be great if others could post their FT8 totals for comparison.
> 73 de Vince, VA3VF

Well, since you asked…

My first contact made with FT8 was 6 Apr 2018. I hadn’t really rushed into using it.

As far as time spent, I’m retired so I probably spend more time on the radio than a working person, but I don’t feel I enable BIC excessively. 

Power used on FT8: most of the time I use 40 or 50 watts, I go over that very infrequently, I don’t see any need. Antennas are a 204-ft G5RV for 40 and 80; an extended inverted L for 160 and 30; quad antenna at 65 feet, 3 elements on 20-17-15, 4 elements on 12-10-6.

The numbers: FT8 contacts made — 3553
  Countries: 131 worked, 107 confirmed
     States: 50 worked
   Counties: 799 worked, 466 confirmed
Grid squares: 728 worked

I don’t see any *undue* advantage in favor of the little pistol because of FT8, but I *know* some of my contacts would not have been made if not for the weak-signal functionality of this mode. It has helped me immensely in dealing with my high noise level here, especially on 160 meters.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…:-)


John K8AJS
jbastin1 at me.com
CWOps 1694
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