[CQ-Contest] My FT8 totals: Not what I thought it would be.

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Hi Vince, 

If there is any way you can add ground radials you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance improvement . I understand some locations have all sorts of constraints, but if there is a way they can be added.....

The manual from DX Engineering has some very handy guides on getting the best out of a 6BTV. 

Good Luck and Merry Christmas 

Trent VK4TS 

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Here is the scenario:

1) FT8 user since day 1;
2) No FT8 robots ever used;
3) Maximum power used is 75 Watts, on 80M only;
4) Antenna is a Hustler 6BTV at ground level, no radials;
5) Time spent on the radio is only what a normal, responsible family man, following a healthy/balanced lifestyle would spend.

Total entities confirmed: 68...yes, sixty eight. I thought I had a lot more.

I'm sure a number of entities would not have been worked/confirmed using other modes. This is still far from the end of the hobby as we know it, or the banalization of DXCC.

It does not appear, based on this sample of only one user, that FT8 is responsible for any undue advantage in favor of the little pistol, to the detriment of the more accomplished DXer/Contester.

It would be great if others could post their FT8 totals for comparison.

73 de Vince, VA3VF
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