[CQ-Contest] My FT8 totals: Not what I thought it would be.

DXer hfdxmonitor at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 15:23:31 EST 2018

Hi Trent,

Yes, I have the DXE manual. It was included with the antenna.

My backyard is only 15x30 feet. "The Supreme Court", aka XYL, has 
already ruled on the case, NO wires. There are no appeals left. LOL

By the way, my total was for all bands, not just 80M.

Thank you for the feedback.

All the best to you, and Merry Christmas.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

On 2018-12-21 2:59 p.m., Trent Sampson wrote:
> Hi Vince,
> If there is any way you can add ground radials you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance improvement . I understand some locations have all sorts of constraints, but if there is a way they can be added.....
> The manual from DX Engineering has some very handy guides on getting the best out of a 6BTV.
> Good Luck and Merry Christmas
> Trent VK4TS

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