[CQ-Contest] recording CQ WW tests

Bill Mader billamader at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 14:09:18 EST 2018

I have trouble understanding several aspects of this topic:


Why do so many conflate listing an entry as a check log with DQ?  They are
not the same thing in any way other than where the score is listed, or not.


Why are so many whining about accomplishing a simple task that requires
little to no expense and could be useful in bettering one's performance?


I assert the answers to these are 99.49% rationalization for "I don't want
to do it and you can't make me."


If one reads the Contester's Code of Ethics, one would encounter statements
which tell the reader to learn and obey the contest's rules and to accept
the sponsor's judgements.  I accept the same code in sports car racing where
I've encountered the same lamenting and rationalizations, usually from
someone who did know or follow the rules.


Enjoy the chase.  Accept the rules.  Be safe (in both avocations) and have
fun!  You already have a computer and Audacity or QSOorder.  Complying with
this requirement is trivial compared with putting in the effort to build a
station, prepare to be competitive, and putting in the time to reach the top
whatever level.  


Everything in contesting is a hurdle.  Overcoming those hurdles is part of
the challenge which results in our satisfaction as we overcome those
hurdles.  We seldom receive awards for just participating.  I consider
plaques, trophies, and certificates as bonuses in both avocations.  As a
sport, Radiosport competition is exciting, fun, and rewarding.  Don't take
away from your own enjoyment by bemoaning allegedly onerous
requirements/impediments when they aren't, if you objectively consider them.


73, Bill, K8TE

President, Albuquerque DX Assn.

Faith, Family, Radio-Life is Good!


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