[CQ-Contest] Question for TR users

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 8 13:13:00 EST 2018

Hopefully someone can help me on this. I asked Tree directly but he was not 
able to help.

I am a loyal TR Log user on DOS. OK no need to tell me to QSY to TR4W. I 
know that but for now really would like to stay where I am, on a wonderful 
Dell Optiplex W98 machine that does everything I need at 850 MHz. Now that 
I'm firmly in the Luddite camp, I need to combine various Cabrillo logs to 
form a "summary CBR log." According to the POST of TR, the way to do it is 
to enter POST, then choose "U" for Utilities, and then select "M," which is 
the "Merge"  instruction. Once inside "M," the following capability is 
listed in writing:

"This routine will merge up to twelve Cabrillo files at one time into a 
single Cabrillo file. The contacts will all be sorted into chronological 
order and duplicate QSOs found in more than one log will not be saved."

This is exactly what I need to do, but the "M" routine does not work for 
me. I can select a file like abcdef.cbr and it accepts it. Then the utility 
routine asks what file I want to keep it in. I put something like 
"18merged.cbr" and the original file goes into the "keeper" file, in this 
case: 18merged.cbr. It's there. Fine. Then press "M" again and select 
another CBR file. For example: xyz.cbr. The utility accepts it and asks me 
where to put it. I tell it to go to the same one as before: 18merged.cbr. 
It goes there ok. But when I check 18merged.cbr, it contains only the most 
recent one, that is xyz.cbr, and there is no sign of the first one I put in 
there (abcdef.cbr). It's always the same ... ie. the "keeper file" only 
contains the most recent file that was "merged" into it. I've tried 
everything I can think of, with always the same results. No merging at all, 
only the last one.

Anyone have some ideas? Help!

Tnx in advance:

Jim N3BB 

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