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Martin, LU5DX lu5dx at lucg.com.ar
Thu Feb 8 14:04:34 EST 2018

You can merge them outside of TRlog.
On Windows you can do that with a few lines of code, using either cmd or
PowerShell scripting.

Hope that helps.


Using Windows cmd

The following line merges all the logs with the extension ".log" in a given
directory. The combined logs will be inside of "merged.txt"

type *.log > merged.txt

Since "merged.txt" will also have Cabrillo Header data, you can remove that
by using:

findstr "QSO:" merged.txt  >>QsoLines.txt

File extensions here are arbitrary in this example, you can use ".cbr",
".log" for both input and output files according to your need.

El 8 feb. 2018 3:31 p. m., "Jim George" <n3bb at mindspring.com> escribió:

> Hopefully someone can help me on this. I asked Tree directly but he was
> not able to help.
> I am a loyal TR Log user on DOS. OK no need to tell me to QSY to TR4W. I
> know that but for now really would like to stay where I am, on a wonderful
> Dell Optiplex W98 machine that does everything I need at 850 MHz. Now that
> I'm firmly in the Luddite camp, I need to combine various Cabrillo logs to
> form a "summary CBR log." According to the POST of TR, the way to do it is
> to enter POST, then choose "U" for Utilities, and then select "M," which is
> the "Merge"  instruction. Once inside "M," the following capability is
> listed in writing:
> "This routine will merge up to twelve Cabrillo files at one time into a
> single Cabrillo file. The contacts will all be sorted into chronological
> order and duplicate QSOs found in more than one log will not be saved."
> This is exactly what I need to do, but the "M" routine does not work for
> me. I can select a file like abcdef.cbr and it accepts it. Then the utility
> routine asks what file I want to keep it in. I put something like
> "18merged.cbr" and the original file goes into the "keeper" file, in this
> case: 18merged.cbr. It's there. Fine. Then press "M" again and select
> another CBR file. For example: xyz.cbr. The utility accepts it and asks me
> where to put it. I tell it to go to the same one as before: 18merged.cbr.
> It goes there ok. But when I check 18merged.cbr, it contains only the most
> recent one, that is xyz.cbr, and there is no sign of the first one I put in
> there (abcdef.cbr). It's always the same ... ie. the "keeper file" only
> contains the most recent file that was "merged" into it. I've tried
> everything I can think of, with always the same results. No merging at all,
> only the last one.
> Anyone have some ideas? Help!
> Tnx in advance:
> Jim N3BB _______________________________________________
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