[CQ-Contest] Self Spotting Rules and Enforcement....

VE3SPJ RADIO ve3spj at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 08:55:23 EST 2018

I was reading the rules on self spotting.  Ive been subscribed to this
list  and wouldn't normally have ended up here but Ive been following some
of the threads lately.  What if someone spots you on one of the networks
and the guy is local to you but you truly havent asked or even know the
said spotter.  How does the committee determine wether or not you genuinely
where aware of this action or not?  What if someone goes out of there way
to spot you but you truly didn't ask for the assistance?  I could see
someone's hard work and effort in a contest being blown away by someone
being malicious or careless.

Thanks for any info



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