[CQ-Contest] Qsorder + N1MM + MK2R+ Question

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Fri Feb 9 12:34:22 EST 2018


I've also struggled with issues with QSORDER, N1MM+, MK2R+

My issue is I can only get one side of the QSO, either theirs or mine, 
but never both.

In my windows properties for the microphone USB Voice Codec, there is 
not any option for 2 channel recording.

Could you be so kind as to describe all your settings in

My Settings are:
N1MM > Configurer > Broadcast Data > Contact checked

MK2R+ > WYH center yellow led on

Windows > Recording Devices > default is Microphone 3- USB VOICE CODEC
select Properties, Advanced Tab, all options here are 1-channel

QSORDER > running qsorder.exe -C -P 12060 --so2r

Using command qsorder -q

|       v2.12 QSO Recorder for N1MM, 2017 K3IT
Detected 6 devices

Device index Description
------------ -----------
          0       Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
          1       Microphone (3- USB Voice CODEC)
          2       Microphone (3- USB Audio CODEC

Says it detected 6 devices, but only 3 print on the screen.

--Scott, W5WZ

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