[CQ-Contest] What's with the power = 0 watts exchange?

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 09:36:25 EST 2018

>  I've received  5NN T, 5NN TT, 5NN TTT

Clearly the guy sending "TT" had twice as much power as the guy sending
"T". HI HI.

I got several "LO" and "LOW"s, not just from SA but also EU.

I heard a couple "TTT"'s that I was able (by back and forth requests for
repeats) to identify as "ATT" with a dropped leading dit.

There were a couple EU's sending "1TT" but their 1 did not have enough

What drives me nuts is that a very common keying defect is to drop a
leading dit. So is that "1TT" with not enough dashes, or "2TT" with a
dropped leading dit? Is it "TT" or is it "AT" with a dropped leading dit?

Tim N3QE

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