[CQ-Contest] Another Kind of Recording (hi)

N4ZR n4zr at comcast.net
Tue Jan 30 08:37:10 EST 2018

I may be the last contester on the planet to discover this, but Audacity 
offers some truly incredible capabilities for our purposes.  Most folks 
are probably aware that you can use it to normalize all your recordings 
to the same peak level, but did you know that you can also use it to 
speed up or slow down recorded speech without significantly changing how 
your voice sounds?

I tend to speak slowly when I try to enunciate clearly, and the 
resulting recordings lack a sense of urgency.  By using Audacity's Speed 
and Pitch altering routines (on the Effects menu) I have been able to 
speed up recorded speech by as much as 40 percent while retaining my 
intonation and phrasing.  In other words, it still sounds like me, just 
in more of a hurry.

It's a 2-step process for each file, but I anticipate that the result 
will be well worthwhile, particularly when I run in a phone contest.  
It's not the time saved, but the impression of the op on the other end 
that you really want to go fast, causing the op to stick around and call 


73, Pete N4ZR
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