[CQ-Contest] CQWW SSB 2017 Effective DQ

Andrew Faber andrewfaber at ymail.com
Tue Jan 30 16:52:19 EST 2018

If you happen to hear "..9Y" in ARRL CW in a few weeks, I hope you will 
listen to see if it's P49Y, as VE4 is often an elusive mult for me in that 
contest, hi!
73, andy ae6y p49y

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I have found that a number of stations do not correct an improperly sent
callsign or they correct it after giving a report and it may not be heard.
It is best not to assume, I would have to hear much more than 6Y before
sending Andy's callsign.

John KK9A

From: Kelly Taylor <ve4xt at mymts.net>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 10:02:10 -0600

It’s fairly common to “divine” a partially heard callsign.

If I hear …KU when pointing ESE, I might just try “K3KU 599 04” thinking
there’s a good chance it’s Art.

If I hear …AI, in the mud on 20, I might just try K4BAI 599 04” (John’s got 
great station, but even he would agree our skip zones often don’t line up

…6Y is likely AE6Y

I can think of scores of others, but in all cases where the guess was
the contact probably goes like…

me: VE4XT test
him: …6Y
me: AE6Y 599 04
him: R 599 03
me: TU VE4XT test

Andy has no reason to send his call again, so I worked him only having
heard a
partial call.

My problem with audio recording as a gold standard is there are lots of ways
for legitimate contacts to look like cheating and lots of ways to make
contacts look legitimate.

I don’t want to write a handbook on cheating, but let’s just say I can
think of
many ways to make a fully cheated log sound golden, or if not golden, good
enough to cover any smoking guns.

After all, the audio recording rule “as heard by operator” is as dependent 
the honour system as power levels, not listening during off times and not
watching Cluster. Someone who is going to cheat on power isn’t likely to
by “as heard by operator.”

73, kelly, ve4xt

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