[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2022 qualifications criterias? Any new thoughts or ideas? Conclusion!

Kari Gustafsson kari at sm0hrp.se
Sun Jul 8 09:58:24 EDT 2018

Hi Steve, 

Thanks for the input. Well I double checked and you are right about 12
contests BUT
.among the SM hams, LY and ES hams qualifying the put in
between 17-25 contests each. 

Let´s look on the numbers from your perspective then:

1.       Say only 12 contests as you say then results in only 432 hours.
Manageable. Good. But what about minimum preparing before a contest and
after? At least half a day (4 h) before and after as many do. That makes 96
hours. We end up in 532 hours or  15 % of all working hours over two years. 

2.       Say like the above WRTC guys 17 contests  - which gives 612 hours.
Little more. 

3.       For me as a new newbie and remote contesters this is more valid. 

a.       I practice CW 30 min per day => +365 hours over two years.

b.      I need to maintain and update the remote set-up (new software
updates, compatibility etc) on an average say 1 day (8 hours) a month. Add
to that general tower antenna maintenance equally much. So I end up with at
least 1 ½ day (12 hours) a month times two years = >   + 288 hours. 

c.       So with 17 contests over two year I end up with a 612+365+288 =
1265 (35 % of working hours). 

So no matter what for my situation it seems like a lot of hours

73s Kari SM0HRP 

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