[CQ-Contest] ergonomic chair for improving BIC time

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 5 07:54:29 EDT 2018

For me, apparently a contrarian, a sturdy straight back chair with no arms 
and a soft "butt cushion" is ideal. I need to maintain a straight back with 
my chest close to the desk, in order to reduce distance to the radios 
(SO2R) knobs as there is constant movement during a contest. Also, I use a 
DX-Doubler unit and like to switch the audio streams manually with my left 
hand. Yes, I know that the N2IC gurus do this with keys on the keyboards, 
but my poor typing skills prohibit me from that. So my ideal chair is 
extremely simple. To illustrate how simple it is (and apparently how simple 
I am) my current chair is an old library carrel chair from the University 
of Texas research library, a chair I got from an offer from UT that such 
chairs were available.

Heading back into my luddite cave now,

73, Jim N3BB

At 06:36 PM 6/4/2018 +0000, Michael Adams wrote:
>I'll be contrary and observe that I did not find the Aeron comfortable 
>when I tried it; it was almost instant dislike on my part (although I 
>forget why).
>Chairs are the kind of product that you really need to try out in person, 
>since everyone is built differently.
>The more recent addition to my shack/office is a very tall keyboard table 
>on rollers, and a comfy standing mat.  Takes about a minute to move them 
>in/out of the way when I want to stand.
>It's not as good as the various solutions that let you simply raise/lower 
>keyboard and monitor, but it's a bit cheaper...and my monitor setup is 
>nonstandard anyway (three monitors -- second monitor to the side of the 
>primary, and third monitor above the primary).
>Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org
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