[CQ-Contest] VY1JA Two QSO's Talk about Murphy..

J Parke Allen VY1JA at northwestel.net
Mon Nov 5 15:15:48 EST 2018


The log will be sent in this evening, with the QSO in question 
"X"-marked, together with an explanation to the log checkers.  It is my 
understanding that doing this will still let Tony, VE3RZ, get contact 
credit if he copied my information correctly.  One respondent told me 
what is likely wrong with the Omni-7 which is the best CW rig I have 
ever used.   So my score, if you can calculate anything this small 
is:    Q=1... Mults=1 ,    Score= didididit didit   Have fun, guys.   I 
sure am.

"J", VY1JA

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