[CQ-Contest] Thoughts on automatic low-power bandpass filters

w5wz at w5wz.com w5wz at w5wz.com
Wed Nov 21 18:56:39 EST 2018

I use ICE 419B band pass filters between my transceivers and amplifiers. 
  They work, but I realize that others may work better.  To my knowledge, 
these are the players in the low power (200 watt) automatic band pass 

New prices listed
$318 ICE 419B
$505 Dunestar Multi Band Remote Switched Bandpass Filter
$700 DX Engineering 419 Automatic Band Pass Filter Systems
$700 AS-419 - "BandPasser II"

Are there other systems out there?

What is your experience with each of these?

How would you rank them?

Has anyone modified and published a "how-to" to modify the ICE system 
for better performance?

--Scott, W5WZ

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