[CQ-Contest] CM-500 headset.

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IMO it my be my Head   but the Koss SB -40 dose not have the same fit of feel of feel of the CM 500.   the Koss suspension support band  is shorter   I have guest opted and with over head lights I like Ito wear  a hat( off glasses glare = Headache ) I  have  them both and the only reason I did not give the Koss SB-40 to my son who plays games is I want a spare    to where while ordering a new  CM 500.

I had a Icom and the CM 500 played will with it plug play with little set up.  But  as for the Mic   the Yaesu 5K  I was not able to get the  Yamaha CM 500 mic to SOUND   right.   I use a  Heil #4 element on a taped boom for SSB


Wayne W3EA

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The CM-500 can be difficult to find sometimes. Some say that the Koss
SB-45 is pretty much the same, at half the cost.

For those looking for a dynamic mic, instead o electret, the Koss SB-40
is the way to go.

73 de Vince, VA3VF
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