[CQ-Contest] CM-500 headset.

DXer hfdxmonitor at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 12:13:27 EST 2018

>>Also, the mic jacks on most rigs I've owned have V+ to power an electret
mic on one pin and mic input on another with either a wire jumper or small
resistor between the two pins.

Indeed. With both my IC-718 and IC-7300, looks like not wiring pin 2 should
be enough to use a dynamic mic.

>>Elecraft rigs starting with the K3 have a menu setting to turn bias on
and off.

I did not know that. Hopefully others will add the same menu setting.

>>FWIW, the Koss that K6LL likes is the SB45.

There is also the SB49, but I have not looked at the specs for more info.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

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