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In Region 1 that part of the band is digi mode according to the band plan

7040 - 7047 Schmalband-Sendearten Digimode
7047 - 7050 Schmalband-Sendearten Digimode, automatische digitale Stationen

Schmalband means narrow mode, up to 500Hz band width

Peter, DJ7WW

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What does 7.040	RTTY/Data DX mean?  Is this a single channel?  FWIW I  
have made a number of DX RTTY QSOs slightly above 7.040, perhaps even  
on the new 7.0475 FT4 frequency.  That segment of 40m is quite busy in  
RTTY, CW and even SSB contests.

John KK9A

Michael Ritz w7vo wrote:

The ARRL Bandplan on the website shows:

7.040	RTTY/Data DX
7.080-7.125	RTTY/Data

I don't know where the 7047 kHz frequency came from, but that choice  
kind of surprised me when I first loaded FT8/FT4 onto one of my  
station computers a couple of weeks ago. The FT8 frequencies are hard  
coded into the software, but there are no pre-loaded frequencies for  
FT4. I had to research on-line to figure out where they were.

The FCC limits for data are 7000 to 7125 kHz, (for Extras, and of  
course it varies by class). Exactly what do you want the Board to do  
here, come up with a recommended special ARRL bandplan for FT8/FT4?

Mike Ritz, W7VO
Director, NW Division

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