[CQ-Contest] WW-Digi Contest -- Rule Clarification

Chuck Dietz w5prchuck at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 18:14:22 EDT 2019

What you are saying is only one signal at a time and routinely done by SO2R
stations on all modes.

Chuck W5PR

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 4:43 PM David Gilbert <xdavid at cis-broadband.com>

> Yes, it can be done with WSJT-X without using Fox/Hound.  Here is how
> K0PIR does it:
> http://www.k0pir.us/two-instances-of-wsjt-x-running-simultaneously-with-two-radios-two-antennas/
> He does it on two different bands, but with care on the antenna side I
> don't see why it couldn't be done on the same band, and the current
> WW-Digi rules would allow it for the single op category.
> In fact, the rules specifically state that although a single op can only
> transmit on one band at a time, it also says there is no limit on band
> changes for single ops.  So if you put one rig on 20m and set its WSJT-X
> for "Even" and put a 2nd rig on 40m set to "Odd", it seems to me that
> strictly speaking you could call CQ on both bands and still comply with
> the rules.
> Maybe the contests sponsors are OK with all of that, but as I say, it
> could get interesting.
> 73,
> Dave   AB7E
> On 8/7/2019 6:53 AM, cosson-dimitri wrote:
> > WSJT-X can't do it without Fox/Hound mode but at least another freeware
> can do it !Using diferents rigs is the best way to have multiple signals
> inband. If you have several antennas for the same band, you will save 3dB
> on each signals (2 tones in the same signal = -3 dB on each ones so 3
> tones...,)And then SO2R (in the same band according to the rule, I know
> multiple CQ are not allowed but you can S&P) : how many rigs and antennas
> (for each bands) are needed :-D
> > 73 de Dimitri F4DSK  (not FT4 user, and not FTx contester)
> I disagree that Fox/Hound is the only way to transmit multiple signals
> at the same time.  I'm pretty certain I could do it with multiple rigs
> and running multiple instances of WSJT-X (which WSJT-X allows) on the
> same computer.  All it would require is different com ports and rig
> assignments for each instance of WSJT-X, and the outputs would be
> independent and therefore clean barring any nonlinear combining of RF
> past the rigs.
> 73,
> Dave AB7E
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