[CQ-Contest] WW-Digi Thoughts and Suggestions

Andy KU7T ku7t at ku7t.org
Fri Aug 30 14:20:19 EDT 2019

HI Pete,

this is from the rules at https://ww-digi.com/rules.htm:

Set the radio dial at the bottom of the sub-band and work stations on audio frequencies within the radio passband, typically 2.5-4 kHz wide. If a sub-band becomes crowded, move the radio dial frequency up in 2 kHz increments, as needed. (For example: 7.080, 7.082, 7.084, 7.086 and 7.088)

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As a CW op dipping a first toe into FT4, I am wondering how a 10-KHz
segment recommendation fits with, typically, a 2700-Hz audio bandpass. I
have been spending my time with my radio set to 14.080, figuring I was
covering up to maybe 14.083.  Does this suggestion envision an overflow
dial frequency of 14.085, using up to 14.088?

Looking over the rules, I'm  struck by the "anybody works anybody"
aspect and using grid squares as multipliers.  I'd expect this will
quickly eat up the ~50 channels optimally available on a given band with
one dial frequency.  I'd like for any non-contesters who get on to come
away with a good impression, so clarification would be welcome. Also,
can someone clarify if split mode is a good idea in this event?  It
would seem to reduce the channel capacity of a given dial frequency -
not a good thing!

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 8/30/2019 10:08 AM, Hank Garretson wrote:
> Rules and FAQ: https://ww-digi.com/index.htm
> One issue is contest mode versus non-contest mode. Non-contest mode
> stations send and expect to receive SNR. Contest mode stations do not send
> SNR and don't need SNR to complete a QSO. Often confusion and incomplete or
> unlogged QSOs result.
> For WW-Digi, best bet to avoid non-contest versus contest mode issues is to
> use contest mode in the WW-Digi recommended band segments.
>> *WW-Digi FT4 recommended sub-bands:*
>> 1.840-1.844
>> 3.580-3.590
>> 7.080-7.090
>> 14.080-14.090
>> 21.080-21.090
>> 28.080-28.090
>> *WW-Digi FT8 recommended sub-bands:*
>> 1.844-1.848
>> 3.590-3.600
>> 7.090-7.100
>> 14.090-14.100
>> 21.090-21.100
>> 28.090-28.100
>> Use non-contest mode in the traditional FT8 and FT4 band segments.
> For non-contest mode: WSJT-X, File, Settings, Advanced, UNCHECK Special
> Operating Activity.
> For contest mode: WSJT-X, File, Settings, Advanced, CHECK Special Operating
> Activity NA VHF.
> W6SX vision for WW-Digi is the huge pool of non-contesters out there. My
> hope is they will dip their toes in contest waters and find they like it.
> This will be an opportunity for contesters and contest clubs to encourage
> and help them to try legacy-mode contesting.
> Contest Exuberantly,
> Hank, W6SX
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