[CQ-Contest] WW-Digi Thoughts and Suggestions

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Fri Aug 30 15:33:50 EDT 2019

Operating over a 10 KHz segment with a 2.7KHz audio bandwidth means we 
get to actually tune our rigs to make additional contacts.  I don't 
think that's a bad thing, and you can set multiple frequencies for the 
same band in WSJT-X (i.e., 14080, 14082, 14084, etc) so that changing 
frequency doesn't even require you to spin the dial on the rig .... you 
just drop down and click.

There really isn't anything like "channels" in FT8, and 2.5KHz can hold 
considerably more than 50 simultaneous QSOs.  If signals are clean a 
tremendous amount of overlap is still possible with good copy.

Lastly, split mode (either rig split or "Fake it") is almost always 
desirable, contest or not.  I really don't understand why so many FT8 
hams keep answering a CQ'ing station on his calling frequency. It's 
counterproductive and simply makes no sense.  The mode provides pretty 
much equivalent copy across the entire audio bandwidth and there are 
obvious benefits for everyone to spread out as much as possible, so why 
cluster???  If you call CQ and three people jump on your frequency to 
answer you, your ability to copy any one of them is much less than if 
they had spread out.  FT8 is great for handling overlapping signals, but 
zero beat QRM is still QRM and WSJT-X will do its best to zero beat.  
The more uniformly spread EVERYONE is the better.

The only reason I have ever heard why it MIGHT once in a while make 
sense to call a station on his frequency is the idea that he might have 
chosen a less busy frequency to call CQ, but that quickly gets negated 
if everyone calls him there.

Dave   AB7E

On 8/30/2019 9:20 AM, N4ZR wrote:
> As a CW op dipping a first toe into FT4, I am wondering how a 10-KHz 
> segment recommendation fits with, typically, a 2700-Hz audio bandpass. 
> I have been spending my time with my radio set to 14.080, figuring I 
> was covering up to maybe 14.083.  Does this suggestion envision an 
> overflow dial frequency of 14.085, using up to 14.088?
> Looking over the rules, I'm  struck by the "anybody works anybody" 
> aspect and using grid squares as multipliers.  I'd expect this will 
> quickly eat up the ~50 channels optimally available on a given band 
> with one dial frequency.  I'd like for any non-contesters who get on 
> to come away with a good impression, so clarification would be 
> welcome. Also, can someone clarify if split mode is a good idea in 
> this event?  It would seem to reduce the channel capacity of a given 
> dial frequency - not a good thing!
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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> On 8/30/2019 10:08 AM, Hank Garretson wrote:
>> Rules and FAQ: https://ww-digi.com/index.htm
>> One issue is contest mode versus non-contest mode. Non-contest mode
>> stations send and expect to receive SNR. Contest mode stations do not 
>> send
>> SNR and don't need SNR to complete a QSO. Often confusion and 
>> incomplete or
>> unlogged QSOs result.
>> For WW-Digi, best bet to avoid non-contest versus contest mode issues 
>> is to
>> use contest mode in the WW-Digi recommended band segments.
>>> *WW-Digi FT4 recommended sub-bands:*
>>> 1.840-1.844
>>> 3.580-3.590
>>> 7.080-7.090
>>> 14.080-14.090
>>> 21.080-21.090
>>> 28.080-28.090
>>> *WW-Digi FT8 recommended sub-bands:*
>>> 1.844-1.848
>>> 3.590-3.600
>>> 7.090-7.100
>>> 14.090-14.100
>>> 21.090-21.100
>>> 28.090-28.100
>>> Use non-contest mode in the traditional FT8 and FT4 band segments.
>> For non-contest mode: WSJT-X, File, Settings, Advanced, UNCHECK Special
>> Operating Activity.
>> For contest mode: WSJT-X, File, Settings, Advanced, CHECK Special 
>> Operating
>> Activity NA VHF.
>> W6SX vision for WW-Digi is the huge pool of non-contesters out there. My
>> hope is they will dip their toes in contest waters and find they like 
>> it.
>> This will be an opportunity for contesters and contest clubs to 
>> encourage
>> and help them to try legacy-mode contesting.
>> Contest Exuberantly,
>> Hank, W6SX
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