[CQ-Contest] Photos Requested for CW Sprint Write-up

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 18 17:10:16 EST 2019

The CW Sprint ran two Saturdays ago, and the turnout was good. Thanks to 
quite a few who gave it a go for the very first time, or "came home" after 
a QRX. All in all, activity was good, but since it was essentially a 40 
meter and 80 meter contest. With 20 meters nearly absent for half the 
country, things got a bit lean on 80 that last hour since people went to 
that band with two hours to go.

At any rate, I'll be writing the summary reports for both the NCJ magazine 
and an expanded version for the NCJ website. Under the able direction of 
NCJ Editor Scott, K0MD and others, we should have room for four photos for 
the print version in the NCJ, and even more for the web version.

So here's your chance to be famous, or maybe notorious! Please send me 
shots of you, preferably at your station. The shots don't have to be 
"action shots" during the Sprint, although those would be cool. Just 
anything, preferably with you at the radio and at least partially clothed! 
(smiley face)

Email me directly here <n3bb at mindspring.com> and thanks in advance.

73, Jim  N3BB

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