[CQ-Contest] DX Holiday, DX rentals, etc.

Jeff Kinzli N6GQ jeff at n6gq.com
Wed Feb 20 21:53:45 EST 2019

Hello friends,

There used to be a decent resource called DX Holiday that listed many known
Rent-A-QTH that could be used for contests (or otherwise). I believe that
resource no longer exists. There is a few listings at eHam.net, and a few
at various other websites, but not as comprehensive as the DX Holiday

I'd like to recreate that with updated listings, and was hoping that with
your help we could get something together. I have a good number of QTHs
that I believe still do rentals that I can start with, but am looking for
more and hoping that those that wish to share ones they know of would do so.

Now, I have a selfish desire here - I plan to use a number of them over the
coming years to get on the air from DX spots, sometimes in contests,
sometimes not. So that's my selfish interest, as well as making sure these
sorts of places get the attention they need so folks can continue to
activate those DX locations regularly, contests and outside of contests.

Would you consider unicasting me your known QTH rentals with contact
information, and I'll get them consolidated into a website that will  stay
up for a while.

Very best 73,

de N6GQ

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