[CQ-Contest] FT4 - Robotic Contesting

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu May 2 16:48:43 EDT 2019

Hey guys n' gals, 


I am not against FT# contesting, but I certainly won't pretend to understand
it. (nor am I a Luddite)


IMO, if you remove too much of the human element from the picture, the
'rush', the 'reward', the 'competition' (if you want to call it that) is


IE: I derive the greatest pleasure from CW, then SSB, and much much less for
RTTY. (I don't do very much RTTY - and that is one reason) Watch my computer
work someone elses computer with a few mouse clicks and some guessing as to
the callsign and exchange depending on QSB/QRM etc.?  Some editing of
function key files to tweak my exchange "better" than maybe Joe-Blow down
the road who sends everything except his hat size. Being quick with the
mouse.(timing)  Much less than SSB or CW, but at least there's some human


When the JT modes hit 6m, it created a situation for the CW/SSB ops, that
lessened the overall appeal of 6m as "everyone was up the band on the JT


Again, not against it, but don't "get it".  Maybe it's that
generational/instant gratification for very little outlay of energy
mentality. Maybe it's just the soup de jour.  I dunno.


Even though I am admittedly not a huge proponent of RTTY (as explained
above), I don't think RTTY contests and awards should be watered down by
including FT#, PSK31 or whatever.  There is still some human element in
RTTY, however small that might be.




VE9AA Mike...CW and SSB forever !




Keswick Ridge, NB


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