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> Tnx Art, fascinating. 
> Cultures are really complex. Rocky Savory's name, in Kata Kana would be pronounced "Sa bor ree" or something like that.

Sa Bo Ree. Japanese syllables don’t end in consonants, except ’n’. 

The things you learn watching hundreds of hours of Japanese anime….

> I spent a lot of time in Japan (JA1, JA7) with a JV between Motorola and Toshiba, and also with a deal between RCA and Matsushita (JA3). As an American, I was treated with the upmost politeness and respect, and all business  dealings were honorable in all aspects. However for Korean citizens working there or living there, and apparently for people of mixed race, it can be difficult. Of course we see aspects of that here, but not to any extent as it is described in the article.

What’s funny is that the Chinese, Korean and Japanese clearly share a common ancestry — the Han people. 

Bruce Cummings, who wrote extensively about Korean history, raised the interesting question — where does “nippon” (the land of the rising sun) come from? The only place on Earth you can stand and face the Japanese island chain in the same direction that the sun rises is on the end of the Korean peninsula. 

> 73, Jim N3BB
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>> I hope you can read this link without subscribing.  Interesting story.
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