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Aluminum to Aluminum grease:

This is suitable

I use similar European product.

I use also paste with aluminum particles/powder, local equivalent to this:

There are products the high voltage high power electricity line workers use.
All their high current connections are Aluminum to Aluminum.
They have maxed out the conductivity, minimized the losses.
I could not find their North American products online, but I am sure
finding their products is not that difficult.

Note !
Any grease with copper powder .. not recommended for Aluminum to Aluminum

Jukka OH6LI

pe 11. jouluk. 2020 klo 18.15 john at kk9a.com kirjoitti:

> Hy-Gain typically uses Ø7/16 element tips with a very thin wall, not
> 7/8.  I have owned a couple of Hy-Gain 20m beams that I used for
> temporary contest antennas and never had much luck keeping the element
> tips from shedding. I suppose rope would help but in my opinion there
> are much better taper schedules.  Ø7/16 drawn tubing is a little
> difficult to find, if you could find it with a .058 wall it would be
> an upgrade. Regarding not being able to get the sections apart since
> it has no conductive grease, depending on your environment it may
> easily come apart. I never had trouble taking antennas apart in
> Illinois. I did not start using Penetrox until I built a station in
> Aruba where the corrosion was intense. Now I use it regularly
> everywhere.
> John KK9A
> Hello all,
> I am re-furbishing part of the driven element for my 155CA. the
> element uses two sections of tubing. The part that goes into the
> insulator to the boom is 84 inches of 7/8 tubing swaged. No bends. The
> tip is also 7/8 inch swaged and has a bend about mid section. My
> question concerns the tip which was bent on its way down from the
> tower. Removing the tip would be quite a problem since no penetrox was
> used when it was installed. Does having a slight bend in the tip
> really affect its performance?
> Thoughts?
> Carol
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