[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Sun Dec 20 18:29:37 EST 2020

Greetings to the RF Fighters and Top Band Operators Around the World,

     In less than one week the next Stew Perry 160M contest will be
exercised.  The time period on Dec. 26/27 contains the appointed times.  You
may operate up to 14 hours out of the 24 allotted hours. Operate more time
than that and your log will spontaneously combust.  Or not.  You should
freshen up your knowledge of this contest by clicking on over to

The Stew Perry CW contest is designed for the contesters to use their own
tuning abilities, their own knowledge of propagation, and their own  skills
to find and work the other combatants participating in The Stew.  This
contest is designed to NOT be a clickable run fest where spotting a station
is ordained and clicking is the religion.  This contest should test only
your abilities to find and work other Top Band stations to exchange grid
square digits.  We don’t even like much the super check partial available
in some loggers.  People work other people  in the Stew, while their
computers simply sit quietly, are shut up and log only if so directed.

    What we do really enjoy is the satisfaction and sheer exuberance of
utilizing Top Band while contacting the other stations without using
embedded  telenets and spotting lists and internet zero beat pileups and
such-  like the way contests were years ago.  Yes, we are a throwback
contest but it is darn good fun.

     The Boring Amateur Radio Club sponsors this CW Top Band Stew Perry
Challenge and also supports people who want to recognize certain feats of
radio accomplishments by making available the ability to sponsor a plaque.  The
Club only ascertains that the plaques are in reasonably good taste while
the subject of the plaque is proposed by one of the Top Banders who then
tenders $65 along with the plaque idea to us.  You may see the current
plaques available to be won during this upcoming event by clicking on the
above link and then paying attention. Please let us know if you wish to
become a plaque Stalwart. The  email address below will work just fine.

     Usually the day after Christmas is a tough day to have a radio
contest….until this goofed up year arrived. Socializing and visiting and
talking and all that other holiday stuff is flat out discouraged this year
due to the virus.  There is no better way to get together with a few
thousand of your best radio friends during these holiday times than to get
on and operate during The Stew Perry Top Band Challenge.  No meandering
conversations, no embarrassing anecdotes,  no boring re-telling of long ago
tales here.  Do your travelling on the Top Band which will give you a
break, is fun and good for you all, by contesting in The Stew.

     See you in The Stew!

     73 and I remain,

     Lew      w7ew

     w7ew at arrl.net

The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Enlightening Lexiconography

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