[CQ-Contest] A Stew Perry Poem from VE3YT

Vic DiCiccio vicd at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Dec 21 12:48:04 EST 2020

I wrote this to send to local contest newbies to encourage them to 
consider the Stew:

*‘Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house*

*Kids played with their toys and the cat caught a mouse.*

*Gathered round the tree, the people made merry*

*While the ham in the shack prepared for Stew Perry.*


*Although the Stew Perry contest was only Morse code*

*The ham didn’t mind, ‘twas his favourite mode.*

*The inverted L hung in a tall tree with care;*

*N1MM was loaded with the local grid square.*


*In the mid-afternoon the ham heard only static*

*And flew to the window looking down from the attic*

*To check the antenna, but it was still there.*

*It went up 30 feet, then across in the air.*


*His radials, of which he had only two,*

*They were not even straight but he hoped they would do.*

*It was not yet dusk, the sun was still high*

*The ham sat and relaxed with an audible sigh.*


*As the sun started to set, there arose such a clatter,*

*The ham spun the dial to see what was the matter.*

*160 meters was full of sigs that were strong*

*The ham picked one out and joined in the throng.*


*A few hours later, after running the band*

*The ham relaxed a bit, turkey sandwich at hand.*

*Already 100 QSOs in the log,*

*The ham dreamt of a Beverage or maybe a BOG.*


*As dawn approached, the ham was still at his work*

*Nodding off, a call woke him up with a jerk.*

*It was Santa, who had just got on for a bit*



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