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Well said, Jim. As one who used both CT and NA for many years, (and who still lives in a cave clutching TR Log to my aging chest), thanks to Ken and Dave for CT/NA. 

Jim  N3BB

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>Sorry to hear this. The greatest thing that Dave Pruitt, K8CC, did was to
>keep the original CT contesting software alive long past its use date. As
>told to me by Dave himself, CT author K1EA wrote his CT software to support
>only the major contests and was not interested in upgrading it to include
>QSO parties, etc. Maybe that's because hams pissed and moaned that they had
>to pay $25 for the original CT (which was a BRILLIANT bit of software
>K1EA gave K8CC the source code for CT, Dave wrote the new code, and his NA
>software breathed new life into the program. Thanks, Dave, and R.I.P.
>cain K1TN
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