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I understand the reluctance to call out other people by name, but calling out radios is something that needs to happen. Only by shaming the manufacturers will we start to make this problem visible and support the clean radios over the dirty ones.

The real problem with poor quality signals is that they are asymmetrical.  I.e., the problem is bad for the neighbors, but good for the person with the bad signal (they get a clearer frequency).  There is no motivation for the bad guys to get better... unless we start calling them out on it.

Randy K5ZD

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I purposefully avoided naming the radios that I noticed had the clicks. I think people should discuss that off line.  I can only say I agree with your comments, Jim.  This problem was mentioned again by Rob Sherwood in a recent webinar, and it clearly needs attention by the manufacturers.  I also noticed extreme clicks years ago with early Flex models, but they quickly cleared that up.  Even setting the default to 6ms or more by the manufacturers would be a big help, since it seems most people don't change that setting.   Hot switching with older amps with slow relays can be a major click problem, too.  Jim _______________________________________________
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