[CQ-Contest] Key Clicks and Splatter the old unsocial distancing

Peter Chamalian w1rm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 6 08:48:20 EDT 2020

Back in the 1960's-70's is seemed as if some stations would purposely have
clicks or splatter as a way of keeping others off their back.  In those days
we didn't have receivers that had the ability to have great dynamic ranges
and super filters as we do today.  Sadly that old practice seems to


For CW, there are fixes for clicks.  The FT-1000 MP fix(s) can be found

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I had that rig and used to take it to K1KI for M/M.  Tom got some complaints
about key clicks that were directly associated with the MP.  Thanks to Tom
who had the skill to install the mod (it's tight quarters and small part
soldering) we got it done.  Subsequent reports said we are very loud and no


Today we have a new source of clicks.  TX Delay setting on the radios can
result in clicks as can hot switching the amp if it doesn't use PIN diodes.
My K3S was set to the factory standard TX DLY of 007.  I got reports of
clicks which had me on a mad chase.  The K3S does not generate clicks - it's
very clean - but the TX DLY can be a problem.  After some research, and
suggestions, the setting was changed to 009.  No more problem!  My amp, the
Expert 2K-FA is designed not to hot switch so that was not an issue.


So what do we, as conscientious contesters do?  Well to start I think it
very appropriate to tell an op who has clicks that he does.  Do it privately
with an offer to help test.  I had this very situation with a local who had
back clicks all over 20.  I told him after the contest.  He said he had been
making some changes to his radio that might be the cause.  He made
adjustments and voila, no more clicks.


So the moral is if we take a few gentle steps to mention the offending
problem, there's a chance the offender will address it.  I know, it's a bit
like telling someone their mouthwash or deodorant has failed, but the
results can mean fewer unwanted bits of crud on the bands.



Pete, W1RM

W1RM at Comcast.net


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