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EI5DI: " a good option might be to spot them with a suitable comment - for example "severe clicks".  "

That is a great idea!  One of the challenges after the contest is that no one can remember which stations were causing problems on what bands/frequencies at what times.  Without these reports, it can waste hours wading through SDR recordings.  Even once found, it is not always easy to evaluate signal width due to limitations of the recording system.  But, at least we would have better records of who and how often and that could present a compelling case for action.

Randy K5ZD

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For as long as contest sponsors refuse to define "excessive bandwidth", they give themselves plenty of wriggle room (the do-nothing option) when presented with reports of key clicks or splatter.

I confirmed this for myself five years ago - and it seems that nothing has changed in the meantime.


We need to call out offenders in real-time - while they're still on the air, and when anyone interested can listen for themselves. It seems to me that a good option might be to spot them with a suitable comment - for example "severe clicks".  This gives a permanent, searchable record of the allegations - to be  compared with whatever associated wideband recordings some sponsors claim to have.   I suggest there is no good reason, these days, for recordings not to have sufficient resolution for this purpose.

Paul EI5DI

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