[CQ-Contest] [Contest] 2020 June VHF Contest

beaudoin wa1fcn at charter.net
Tue Jun 9 23:10:25 EDT 2020

     GE Jim

         My view from someone who has spent a fair amount of time with FT8.

         FT8 is more like fishing in a barrel. RTTY to me is much more 
difficult and involved .

                 73 BoB WA1FCN

On 6/9/2020 4:23 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
> On 6/9/2020 1:13 PM, Courtney Judd wrote:
>> have at it. I don't consider digi to be a real mode and see no reason 
>> why I should be asked to compete with it. This is my opinion and if 
>> you don't like it, hit delete and move on.
> I use FT8 a lot on 160 for long haul DX that I can't work on CW, and 
> on 6M for E-skip chasing grids, but I have so far not gotten excited 
> about FT8/FT4 contesting. That said, I see little difference between 
> the attitude expressed in this post and those who, in the '50s and 
> '60s, refused to switch to that new-fangled SSB.
> I also fail to see how FT8 differs from RTTY implemented by stations 
> using, for example, N1MM or WriteLog with multiple decoder windows in 
> which one simply clicks on a callsign to start an automated QSO and 
> clicks on the report to enter it into the log.
> Perhaps someone could explain the difference.
> 73, Jim K9YC
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