[CQ-Contest] CQM Adjudication

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Tue May 12 11:33:23 EDT 2020

In my experience looking at ARRL and CQ log-checking reports for probably
15 years, most of my mistakes are in typing. Maybe I am different. That's
what Mom always said.


Too many statements that it has to do with cheating. It really is all about
accuracy. Contests originally simulated passing traffic — accurately. That
includes, not only the exchange, but, most importantly, the callsigns.
what it would be like if they didn’t check for accurate callsigns. Ops
just enter whatever sounded close. The most common reason for a NIL is a
callsign. You are being penalized for not being accurate, not for cheating.

Stan, K4SBZ

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