[CQ-Contest] SS CW 100W runs

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 13:51:31 EST 2020

W2UP (in the thread about changes in CQ WW WPX rules) said:

"I operated just a few hours in SS CW on Sunday afternoon.  It's always
interesting to see how quickly some prec A/B guys find my 100W/dipole
signal within the first few minutes of establishing a CQ frequency."

Sorry I missed you, Barry.

When I CQ in SS CW with my 100W and a dipole I, too, try to notice who is
replying (that means I am not doing SO2R or brewing coffee while running
the contest).  If I'm getting a big majority of "U" replies, I infer that
I'm not loud enough to attract the knob-tuning non-assisted op's.  If I get
lots of A/B/Q precedences, I figure I'm doing pretty well.

I used to suspect that some of those "non-assisted" callers were
suspicious, at least in the days before everybody (except me) had their own
Skimmer or equivalent.  But I think there is a reasonable explanation.

At any moment in SS there are hundreds of non-assisted op's tuning for
QSOs.  If only a few percent of those find you every minute, you will have
a lot of callers.

So, enjoy.  And spend more time in SS (I need the QSO).

73, Art K3KU
Gettin' QRV for SS SSB

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