[CQ-Contest] Rule Changes for the CQ WW WPX SSB and CW Contests in 2021

John Crovelli w2gd at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 16 18:47:58 EST 2020

As the result of this rule change announcement, operators who prefer to operate without assistance are left with a single choice: 'Classic' .

But even this entry option has been substantially modified with more limitations imposed in terms of operating time and competition by power levels.

There are no longer both a High Power and Low Power Classic option as existed previously ... now just one big 'Classic' group where the HP stations will unquestionably prevail over LP entrants.  Does this encourage competition for thousands of entrants limited to only 100 watts?   Why HP and LP been combined together is something of a mystery since it is so unreasonable to expect HP and LP stations to be competitive against one another.  I hope the Committee reconsiders this part before the rules are published, by restoring both HP and LP categories and perhaps adding a QRP category to the Classic group as well.

The other change in Classic rules reduces the allowed operating period from 36 to 24 hours.  Do unassisted operators have some inherent need to operate fewer hours?  Do they somehow benefit from 1/3 less operating time?  Would anyone be enthused about laying out the money to go on a DXpedition if they are limited to just half the overall 48-hour operating period?

There is still time to do some fine tuning these rule changes.


John Crovelli, W2GD

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As I read the rules, there is a category for the un-assisted.

>From CQ WPX Rules:

- - -

A. Single Operator Categories:One person (the operator) performs all
operating and logging functions.
3. Classic Operator (CLASSIC): The entrant will use only one radio, no QSO
finding assistance, and the one radio must not be able to receive while
transmitting. Operator Assisted entries are not eligible for this category.
- - -

The problem, to some, is there is no assistance allowed in this Single
Operator category.

Jukka OH6LI

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