[CQ-Contest] Rule Changes for the CQ WW WPX SSB and CW Contests in 2021

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Mon Nov 16 22:51:12 EST 2020

I agree totally with John, W2GD! Classic should be 36 hours.  We are more
than able to spin the knob for 36 hours.


On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 6:55 PM John Crovelli <w2gd at hotmail.com> wrote:

> As the result of this rule change announcement, operators who prefer to
> operate without assistance are left with a single choice: 'Classic' .
> But even this entry option has been substantially modified with more
> limitations imposed in terms of operating time and competition by power
> levels.
> There are no longer both a High Power and Low Power Classic option as
> existed previously ... now just one big 'Classic' group where the HP
> stations will unquestionably prevail over LP entrants.  Does this encourage
> competition for thousands of entrants limited to only 100 watts?   Why HP
> and LP been combined together is something of a mystery since it is so
> unreasonable to expect HP and LP stations to be competitive against one
> another.  I hope the Committee reconsiders this part before the rules are
> published, by restoring both HP and LP categories and perhaps adding a QRP
> category to the Classic group as well.
> The other change in Classic rules reduces the allowed operating period
> from 36 to 24 hours.  Do unassisted operators have some inherent need to
> operate fewer hours?  Do they somehow benefit from 1/3 less operating
> time?  Would anyone be enthused about laying out the money to go on a
> DXpedition if they are limited to just half the overall 48-hour operating
> period?
> There is still time to do some fine tuning these rule changes.
> Regards,
> John Crovelli, W2GD
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> As I read the rules, there is a category for the un-assisted.
> Behold!
> From CQ WPX Rules:
> - - -
> A. Single Operator Categories:One person (the operator) performs all
> operating and logging functions.
> ...
> 3. Classic Operator (CLASSIC): The entrant will use only one radio, no QSO
> finding assistance, and the one radio must not be able to receive while
> transmitting. Operator Assisted entries are not eligible for this category.
> - - -
> The problem, to some, is there is no assistance allowed in this Single
> Operator category.
> 73,
> Jukka OH6LI
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