[CQ-Contest] Rule Changes for the CQ WW WPX SSB and CW

Yuri ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Thu Nov 19 21:41:01 EST 2020

Mark, who cares about competitive single op's? <grin>
Like LU5DX mentioned a couple of days ago:
"A big portion of the efforts of log checking (Countless hours) are 
spent to detect cheating by so called "Competitors".
The vast majority (Fortunately), simply turn on the radios and have fun 
AND are generous enough to send in their logs."

So I guess the changes are being done in favor of so-called "vast 
majority". I guess we have to be grateful to casual guys for getting on 
and working us.
Following this logic the organizers will have to create a category for 
those who can't operate 24 hours, 18 hours, 12 hours ... and so on.

If seriously, to me a contest without competition just doesn't make sense.

73, Yuri  VE3DZ

On 11/19/2020 2:46 PM, Mark Bailey wrote:
> Respectfully, it doesn't address the competitive single operators. 
> We're using SO2R.
> 73,
> Mark, KD4D
> On November 19, 2020 12:30:47 PM EST, Yuri <ve3dz at rigexpert.net> wrote:
>     I would vote for 36-hour Classic Category (1 radio, no assistance) in
>     both CQ WW and CQ WPX Contests. That would suit most of the complainers.
>     Current 24-hour category I would call a "Handicap" Category.
>     73, VE3DZ

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