[CQ-Contest] Are You Kidding Me??

Jim Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 21 00:19:49 EST 2020

Bud, with all due respect, why would one operate the hours in the 
contest that don't count?  To plan so would undoubtedly alter one's 
strategies for the counting hours.  And sure, but with your new rules, 
to be competitive in the 36 hours version, you need to operate with 
assistance, i.e., have someone help copy the calls.

For those single operators who want to make a DXpedition, and to be 
competitive in your 36 hours version, they need a solid internet.  It's 
often hard enough just putting the competitive "radio" station together 
on a far off  island, and now we're supposed to worry about internet 
connections, speeds, reliability, COSTS, etc.  And this add-on effort, 
of course, has nothing to do with amateur radio, per se, nor does it 
demonstrate the skills that our contests are supposed to measure.

Who came up with this nauseous term "QSO alerting assistance"? Just what 
does that mean, anyway?  Since when did we ever need assistance and 
alerts that QSOs occurred?  At least man up and call it what it is: 
"call sign copying assistance"

. The contesting champions from years past,  KH6IJ, W4KFC, W9IOP, W6CUF 
and others are surely rolling over in their graves.

Bud, I appreciate your convictions in standing by these changes, and I'm 
guessing that you didn't make these decisions on your own.  But wouldn't 
it have been fair to propose these changes to your WPX entrants and 
contesters who have lived and demonstrated a serious understanding of 
the hobby and solicit their thoughts and ideas before making such 
draconian changes?

I doubt if it will change your opinions and rules, but for me, if they 
stand as is, I will have operated my last CQ WPX.

Good Luck and 73,

Jim Neiger  N6TJ

On 11/20/2020 12:03 PM, Bud Trench wrote:

> Jim,
> Anyone can operate the full 48 hours in WPX.  Only the first 36 hours 
> count.  The is no penalty for exceeding the time limit of 36 hours.
> Anyone that chooses to use the Single Op Classic Overlay can also 
> operate the full 48 hours in WPX.  In this case, there are two 
> independent scores:
> Score 1 will be for the first 36 hours of operation and will be 
> included in the Single Op results
> Score 2 will be for the first 24 hours of operation and will be 
> included in the Single Op Classic Overlay results
> Both the above scores are eligible for awards.
> Note that entries in the Single Op Classic Overlay Category are 
> precluded from using QSO alerting assistance for the duration of the 
> contest.
> 73,
> Bud AA3B

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