[CQ-Contest] Doctor DX clone (if you never used it, you just don't "get it")

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Thu Oct 1 14:58:14 EDT 2020

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The one that N6IA (I think) showed at the ARRL Southwestern Division
convention in the 1980s was the prototype before AEA picked it up and sold
it commercially for use with a C-64.  The prototype looked like a small
radio, with the "antenna" coax leading behind the window curtain.  Those
using it weren't told it was a simulator, making it especially entertaining.

73, Jim N7US

At 01:04 PM 10/1/2020, Barry W2UP wrote:
>In a previous discussion of Dr DX a number of years ago (maybe on this
>list, maybe elsewhere...), I recall the programmer of Dr DX responded to a
>post about it.  IIRC, he was a 6-land guy.  Maybe some google and/or list
>archive searches will find that post, if someone is interested in pursuing
>Barry W2UP

73, Pete - N8TR

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