[CQ-Contest] DSP units with great noise reduction

John Geiger af5cc2 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 17:50:09 EDT 2020

 I made a rather serious effort in the Illinois QSO party today since I
used to live in IL and know a few of the operators in the contest, plus it
is only an 8 hour effort-but I wish they would move it away from football
season!  Conditions weren't the best, but I was really suffering from noise
on 40 meters-not one specific noise source, just the crud you get from
living in an urban neighborhood with lots of consumer electronics and their
crummy switching power supplies and other noise makers.  I am sure I am not
the only ham with this issue.  The noise reduction circuit in my current
rig didn't do the greatest on handling this noise.

One idea that came to me, that would be cheaper than a new rig (but less
fun) would be an outboard DSP unit.  Does anyone have any recommendations
on DSP units that have good noise reduction circuits?  I have seen some
reviews on the Clearspeech and GAP speaker units that said that after you
unkey after transmit you are hit with a burst of noise until the unit
readapts itself to the receiver noise. I don't want something with that

Recommendations?  Also, what radios are really good at dealing with this
type of noise.  I have seen the FTDX3000 and K3 mentioned as having great
noise reduction circuits.

73 John AF5CC

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