[CQ-Contest] KC Keyer Question

n3bb at mindspring.com n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 29 14:24:45 EDT 2020

After many years, I am on the last working version of my beloved Kansas City Keyer, which was produced by Lance Johnson Engineering (way) back in the day. I use it only for simple manual CW sending, not for any built in "messages" etc. Yeah, I realize my K3 has an internal keyer, but the KC Keyer is perfect for my shack and my ergonomics. 

I have all the schematics and component information from complete instruction manuals, etc, and wonder if there is a brave soul out there who would be willing to let me ship him several of my "dead KC Keyers" and he could repair at least one for me as a back up. 

Yeah, I know I'm a dinosaur in a cave, but it is what it is.

Let me know by email and thanks in advance, 

Jim George 
n3bb at mindspring.com

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