[CQ-Contest] Phone Pileups

w1rm at comcast.net w1rm at comcast.net
Sat Jul 3 08:23:04 EDT 2021

Many of you know me as a CW man.  Running a phone pileup is sort of a
different kettle of fish.


I'm the manager for K2D in the 13 colonies event.  Many of the guys and gals
who are staffing K2D have rather limited skills with a phone pileup and the
ones we are encountering are brutal.


If you are an hold hand with phone pileups I would very much appreciate tips
that I can pass on to my team.  Of course, we try things like running split
(although that's a new experience for some) and going by numbers (how long
do you stay on a number?).  Please pass on your tips and I'll share with my





Pete Chamalian, W1RM

W1rm at comcast.net


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