[CQ-Contest] Physics of 2 Keyboard SO2R

Douglas Zwiebel dougzzz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 18:37:32 EDT 2021

Well, I have never operated SO2R, but I use 2 keyboards all the time...as
in every weekday for "all day."

I have one PC running with dual monitors and a laptop running.  Both are
connected to "work" most of the time.  I just need screen real estate to be
maximally efficient.

I have one keyboard on the desk. The other keyboard (an external real
keyboard for the laptop) is sitting on a tray, just below the desk.  It's a
GOOD quality tray, leather covered, and can be angled down (which is how I
always keep it).

The keyboards, on two different levels, are angled slightly differently
from each other...maybe 10 or 15 degrees different.  If you look down at
the desk, they are angled from each other in azimuth.

I think it is much easier to slightly move my arms up/down (shoulders are
"tough") instead of twisting my body.  I never "twist" at all.

Sure, I am not moving from keyboard to keyboard at the same rate as running
on 2 bands or S+P, but I do find this positioning to be quite easy/relaxing
to use.  Zero fatigue even after a 12 hour day "in the chair."  Yeah, I
know.  12 is not 48.

Yes, I am a touch typist.  I learned to type in 5th grade and that was a
LONG time ago.   And yes, I touch type the keypads also.  For contesting, I
could not live without it...even for copying just callsigns.  My hand just
naturally floats over to the keypads..I never look at it.  The "5" key has
a "home" marker.

Just food for thought from a "never" SO2R guy.

de Doug KR2Q

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