[CQ-Contest] FTDX-5000 Sends Garbled CW

Larry K4AB k4ab at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 12 18:07:30 EDT 2021

My FT-5000 will not send correct CW over 40 WPM.

Below that speed, CW messages are fine, but get garbled over 40 WPM.
I've been using macros in N1MM+ to speed up the "5NN" and "TU".

The monitor on the FT-5000 does NOT sample the RF.
All sounds fine on that monitor, but listening on the
second radio revealed the problem.

It's not an RF problem, the output power was reduced to zero,
but the problem remained.

Obviously it's a radio problem, since the monitor "hears" correct CW, but
it gets garbled between the key IN and the RF out.

Strange. Now I've some work to do to figure out why. I'm using the
latest firmware update.

Any ideas?

In the meantime, I'm maxed out at 39 WPM.

A big shout-out to Greg K8GL who alerted me to the problem.

I've been sounding like a lid for a long time.

Larry K4AB

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